Sunday, November 29, 2015

Poets United Poets Pantry -- Writers Digest November PAD Challenge/ Home Again -- The Sunday Whirl -- Sundays Whirligig

Home Again

something happens       it does not matter what                      it is cataclysmic

brings great change in your life      what was before              will never be again

the world you see is different      a new beginning of sorts     your insides have been ripped

blood on the streets        you are left naked                             with no ability to sprout


to fly from the scene      your first steps will be tentative        you enter a new age

all that you knew is forgotten     yet you will be stalked         by memories

ugly words spoken        evil lose in the city                            you walk the plains

seeking safety               you look for the red rocks                 ask for clarity

follow the river             leave discord behind                          a new adventure is just


your reach for it            close your hand around it                  you are home again

November 29, 2015

Note:  This week I have tried to put all the prompts together.  For the Writers Digest, November PAD challenge the prompt was:  A poem as an open letter.  The words from The Sunday Whirl and the words from Sundays Whirligig.  I wasn't able to use all the words, but most of them, and to offer it to Poets United.


  1. Such strong palpable images. Powerful write.

  2. One rule in life - look to the future! What's passed has passed, move on. Lecture over! Great write by the way.

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  3. "a new adventure is just / beyond"...a beautiful and positive force to carry on....

  4. The road is always that one-way street... sometimes we can enjoy a ride, at other we need to walk... but as long as there is something like a home....

  5. "You are left naked/with no ability to sprout wings". That describes the emotions so perfectly. I love the idea of seeking clarity from the red rocks and following the river towards a new phase of the journey. All one can do sometimes. Home again. Safe.

  6. What a beautiful heartfelt poem with so much truth....these great changes do seem cataclysmic at first but soon bring us back to our true selves the journey here.

  7. This strongly emotive poem put me in mind of a loss of innocence much regretted. Just beautiful.

  8. Yes, even if you move on, those memories DO continue to 'stalk' a person! I like the idea of thinking that a new adventure is just beyone!

  9. You have created such an effective sense of process.....of journey.

  10. Often finding your true home is a hazardous journey but reaching it such a relief.

  11. We close our hands around that which we need most--and often in the dark--this is gorgeous and so emotive

  12. This speaks well for every prompt, and stands alone beautifully.

  13. There is indeed no place like home - it is not a place or necessarily people but a feeling inside...i read the story between the lines and in the lines and i saw so much ..thank you