Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 10, 2016 Writer's Digest April PAD Challenge 2016/ Tomorrow-- Poets Pantry -- The Sunday Whirl -- Sunday's Whirligig


ride the wheel          happiness to sad                         and back again

the day starts            seems perfectly normal              things happen

something changes        suddenly we are on the play yard slide   swoosh 

to the bottom             with all the joy and laughter      a child can muster     

we have no idea         what awaits                                at the bottom

 we are in another place       the world is suddenly      grey

clouds threaten          we feel very much alone           we have lost our way

once we are slipping down    there is no turning back      no sliding up

down is the only direction    the only way through      the house of mirrors

things are distorted        up is down                       and the other way around

we are not prepared       we haven't packed a lunch             made no plans

we fly by the seat of our pants     wrung out                         wrong side out

there is only one action      find the wheel                      ride again

hang on                               the sun will come out          tomorrow

April 10, 2016


The Story of Our Lives (My Sister and I, Us)

what comes next      the cat and the fiddle       the cow jumps over the moon

i reach out from the covers      you are there    curled against me sleeping

your breathing soft and low    we are in our own circle of dreams

                                                                         we have forgotten

what happened      in the waking hours            the sun sparkled on

the blood spilled    on the side walk                 the boy shot in the back

he lay where he fell      as if sleeping          we said we would never forget

your childhood                     mine                     the boy on the sidewalk

we used to talk about it      told tales of their childhood      we sip our coffee

black at coal         just a little cream please      on the surface

we look just like two sisters     hopes and dreams in tack

                                                                          yet knuckles white

from holding on             breaking bones           making wishes

tom tom the baker's son                            jack jumped over the candle stick

                                                                          cracked his skull

died on the spot              made his mother cry          the story unfolds

until the end           where is that you ask                  look for the last word

there will be no more              perhaps just a little bird scratch

                                                                sometimes the end comes quickly

unexpected               you hear the siren              there is a knock at the door

they huffed and puffed      they followed his blood            all the way home

April 20m 2016

Note:  This is a mixed up story, about a boy, out to play in the middle of the night, cut his foot, the police banged on the door, they had followed his blood all the way home...scared his mother to death...and all the things that can happen to young people, it is wonder any of them, make it to adulthood.


brenda w said...

Thanks for writing with The Sunday Whirl words, Annell. I sure appreciate your work week after week. I also appreciate your notes for today's posting. Wow! What a story. It served as great inspiration for your work. Brava!

Georgia Koch said...

I must echo Brenda ... what a story! Bastet

Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

Wow two emotional poems...each a fabulous story....I ride that wheel and slide down that slide many days...a wonderful description that made me smile. Maybe I will smile more on that ride in the days ahead and know it all keeps coming back around.

for-those-of-us-who-dont said...

You know I've finally had a thought, lol. You think it's wonderful that I take two word lists and create one piece. And I find it fantastic that you take the same two lists and with patience and creativity create two very different and strong pieces for the same post. I really like our differences,


C.C. said...

That first piece is such a strong description of how suddenly depression, or its waves, can grip a suddenly that they haven't even 'packed a lunch'! The second is such a unique and interesting twist using the tone of nursery rhymes with danger and adventure and dark intrigue. Very compelling.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

In the first poem, I like the getting back on the wheel again. As we do, after each downturn, because our spirits know only Keeping On. I like the fragments of nursery rhymes scattered through the second. Sad story about the boy. I wonder the same thing, it is amazing young people make it through all the dangers.

brudberg said...

I like the roller-coaster ride in th first poem (both the real story and as a metaphor), and the story of the second poem made me wonder too...

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I agree, both poems are truly exceptional!

Mary said...

And the wheel keeps spinning. Sad to happy and then to sad again. We have to keep riding, keep hanging IS the only way to survive. Thought-provoking, Annell....both poems.

Sumana Roy said...

in this cycle of life the sun and tomorrow will make a difference. ..the second one is so compelling...

Maya said...

The first story is so mood-waving, emotional. And I feel some magic through the second story.