Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 5, 2016 dVerse/ Trains to Nowhere and Back Again -- Writer's Digest April PAD Challenge/A Really Bad Experience

Trains to Nowhere and Back Again

trains to nowhere          trains across the prairie             the little train in chama

two years ago                ...no...four years ago                 we road the little train

a lovely fall day            dappled light                              through the forrest

red and yellow              flashing by the window              that was the second time

the first time         was the longest day of my life            it seemed to go on forever

you could see                the distant horizon                      but it took a long time

for the train              to catch up with your eyes               chug chugging along

April 5, 2016


A Really Bad Experience

it probably wasn't the first time       nor the last                intentions misread

you said disagreeable                      and yet i remember   i trailed along

just to be with you               i got coffee and rolls for her   got water for you both

got cough drops                   when your throat hurt           i admit

i became nervous              as i watched the sands             in the hourglass

running out                        time was short                         as it always is

i wanted to make a plan     but that couldn't have been it      as i wasn't allowed to

finish what i was saying     i began to speak                      and the “shit hit the fan”

such an eruption                 an explosion                            i thought at first

there was a misunderstanding     but upon examination           you were reacting

to my first words                actually repeating my words    which was only an introduction

to what i actually wanted to say      in amazement              i said you were being rude

then i just watched              the action like a war movie      private ryan

everything happening at once     bombs going off               she completely out of control

you joining in                 no it is not something         i would ever want to experience again

especially not as the target    that seemed to be on my back        every arrow found its' mark

April 5, 2016

Note:  This was a very bad experience for me, it was not my intention to start something that day

and it seems I will have to write about it.... until I don't.


De Jackson said...

annell, this is just an amazing line:

"but it took a long time

for the train to catch up with your eyes"

The staggered shape of your poem lends itself well to this prompt, and to the tone you've created.

brudberg said...

Oh what an experience... but I do love the trains chugging along... the prairie is like the home for trains..

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Beautifully expressed!

Other Mary said...

Sounds awful. I hope the writing helps.

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