Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15, 2016 Writer's Digest April PAD Challenge 2016 / A New Day

A New Day

yes                           i would register                                            flatline

not dead                   just feel like it           captured within the ring i call life

i look at the clock      eight o'clock                                 time is like a river

there is no way to stop it                    a dam perhaps    

but i don't think that would work        time stops for no one

it just continues        suddenly this moment              is now the past

 slipping into the next past                       ...and the next

like the tick of the clock      that echoes in the hall      and bounces off the wall

the morning completely quiet                 no sound can be heard

 i could be the last person          on the planet              i look around

 everything appears as if in resin    suspended      not a breath of air

 still                        perhaps                  many have not begun their morning

still snuggled in their beds          bed clothes like paper       crumpled into knots

beneath their sleeping bodies       the day ahead        may have many surprises

some good              some not so much                i may find myself on a blacklist

that until now          has not been compiled                           for some silly

or lavish transgression       i brush my teeth                      slip into my daily dress

my thoughts            still in the vessel                                that holds my life's past

i begin each day         missing you                              as if my right arm is missing

my eyes                                  some very important part of me

it has become a habit          i am not ready to break                         soon

i will realize                    it is not just another day                        but instead

it is the first day             and maybe the last day                     of the rest of my life

i think of you                  i remember                                        i love you still

April 15, 2016

Note:  So much I do not was not my intention to write this piece with different fonts, but it has chosen will do what it wants....I am not in control.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I actually thought the different fonts were very clever. They look good and some lines get extra import this way. I can hear the deep thoughts in this poem. We keep getting up in the morning (that's the good news), not knowing what the day will bring, ever hopeful, a bit wary, prepared for almost anything, at this point. And the missing of that important one never stops. Loved this one, my friend.

Linda Kruschke said...

Loved your words, so much so that although I have a really hard time reading in this format that you use, I made it to the end and was glad I did.