Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17, 2016 Writer's Digest April PAD Challenge 2016/ To Haiku or Not to Haiku -- Poets United Poets Pantry -- The Sunday Whirl -- Sunday's Whirligig

To Haiku or Not to Haiku

i am not much on form            when it comes to                     poetry

it seems to get in my way      i need an open boulevard       no restrictions

i need the freedom                    to write as i please                  to say

what i need to say                     i leave it to others                   to investigate form

April 17, 2017


You Were the Boy (You Were Mine)

old memories                rattle in my brain                         hard to let go

they hang around          as if lost           i remember your baggie pants

below your waist          still a boy                  the boy you will always be

 still i wish we could have talked          you could have told me what you love

what delights you                your wishes                                 and dreams

but you were the quiet one                      hard to get the news from you

you always hated shoes       didn't like socks         loved to go bare foot

you were a better summer time kind of guy                 picking up shells

or arror heads               swimming in the bay                telling tales

and a good one you could tell          so much i remember      so much i forget

you were the one         you picked the colors            red, green and blue

always kind and gentle         a good boy                    yet just out of reach

always seemed content     didn't wear you heart on your sleeve kept it to yourself

out of sight                        prying eyes                      were not welcome

you traveled many miles    you made your journey        in your own way

the best you could             you were not the first             nor will you be the last

still a lad in so many ways       you leave a hole              that cannot be filled

in the hearts that loved you     you left before you time     as so many others have

i would like to think                there is a meeting place      for you and me

but perhaps it is only in memory    we will meet again      may you rest in peace

April 17, 2016

Note:  How to reconsile when someone you love leaves too early?  There is probably no known way, we each have to find our way, in and out of the maze, lonely heartache.  It is said the good die young and maybe it is true.  The words in the song, Vincent,  keep echoing in my nephew, Lance, was a beautiful soul, kind and gentle, "this world was not made for someone as beautiful as you".



Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

I think it is true that the good die young for how can it be that my father was taken from me...I feel that hole that never heals and wish you whatever peace you can find Annell....and I love your first poem as well! Form is not for everyone...I like free verse the the words as they appear!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So sad, Annell. Your nephew does sound a sweet and gentle soul. And another springtime is here to mourn another young man gone too soon. I would like to belive the two cousins met again, in heaven.

C.C. said...

I think that inexplicable losses like in the second poem, those so difficult to reconcile, tend to defy being stuffed into any form.....they need the 'open boulevard' of expression! The emotion comes through so clearly, Annell.

Mary said...

Right now forms resonate with me more than topic prompts. I think I have written so many poems on topics that it is hard to find a fresh approach. However, give me a new form...and it is time for me to play! But, of course, different strokes for different folks & different times in one's poetic life.

Gillena Cox said...

we can never begin to understand losing a loved only, but we can be thankful for the share of that person in our lives and relive the fond memories

have a nice Sunday

much love...

brudberg said...

Currently I'm a little bit out of form for forms.. (though I love some rhythm in my verse)... and Oh the sadness of those that leave too early.. so sad to read.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is beautifully poignant.. it's always hard to lose the ones we love...

humbird said...

I resonate with you about form, we need a space to fully express ourselves...sorry to hear about another loss....we all have our own ways and paths...and meetings on the other side, I guess...

Anonymous said...

When I first started writing, I actually hated forms. Felt they caged or suppressed my freedom to express what I'd been holding in for years. But, then realized that if I truly intended to be a writer, I had to at least try them on for size. And found a compromise, the syllabic forms still allow me a great deal of the freedom I need, and I most often avoid the more formal forms because they still make me feel trapped and caged. I have proven to myself that I can do them, but never feel comfortable with the results. Your second piece is a beautiful tribute to your nephew. You allow us to meet him and mourn with you. Hugs to you my friend,


R.K. Garon said...

Stick to your form w/o being bothered by an other's beauty.

Sumana Roy said...

sometimes form is fun but the creative outburst always needs that open boulevard...the flow in the second one goes straight into the heart....

Sara McNulty said...

You have a unique style, Annell. Rules are made to be broken.
I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you healing.

Old Egg said...

I think that what you do in talking to them is exactly the right thing to do. In this way you can have them close to you again and seemingly breathe them in because they are still so near.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Sad indeed! I can feel your anguish.

And yet it seems you did have a strong sense of who he was. He must have communicated in wordless ways.

Jae Rose said...

I think the first poem demonstrates how form of any kind can almost pull apart delicate souls and take them from us - it takes a lot of courage in a way to find colour..a path..not wear shoes..keep our hearts to ourselves - the world is a harsh place and yet i am sure that you will meet creates all kind of magical openings..soft as butterfly wings..strong as iron xo

Georgia Koch said...

Are we ever ready for that separation ... when the paths separate we have our memories which will eventually comfort us ... but perhaps reconciliation with death isn't really possible ... the emptiness is there and can never again be filled ... but our memories eventually bring comfort.