Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 18, 2016 Writer's Disgest April 2016/ How I Became An Artist

How I Became An Artist

so many years         since i was in the office                   typing and filing

traded it in to pursue        my real life                             study art seriously

of course back then      we were told                               a woman can't be an artist

a mother can't be an artist      who do you think you are          trying to be an artist

there was sacrifice        so many days                           when others were out to play

there i was alone            in the studio                   years spent going in one direction

or another                       only to find it was a dead end                     ...start again

oh so many years ago     i remember an artist friend      said he gave himself two years

to become a portrait artist        still at it some 20 years later   but he has found his signature

his own way                   to visually say it                        i am not sure why

people often think after a long profession at something else      now i will become an artist

would they say that of becoming a concert pianist                  i guess i would say start early

one might work in the office      so they can study art            for one does have to find a way

to support himself          while he is becoming an artist          there are no guarantees

April 18, 2016

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