Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 24, 2016 April PAD Challenge 2016 / What is Lost and Later ( much later) Found -- The Sunday Whirl -- Sunday's Whrligig -- Poets Pantry Poets United

What is Lost and Later( much later) Found

we only remember the loss        of something                  we consider valuable

to lose something             you don't care about                 doesn't seem to mean a thing

often we don't even remember     where we left it            when it happened

or what it was                                                     ...who cares

the knock at the door        the chill of ice                           down your spine

suddenly your flesh is wet with sweat    you stand naked             before the open door

you are not a prophet       yet you know who knocks       light streams through the door

a cooling breeze surrounds you                        your temples pound

your vision blurred          moments later                          in the bright light of memory

and the silence after         your vision clears                    in your mind's eye

you remember                  the ascent up into the hills       over looking the valley

nightingales sing              we sipped a crimson wine        tasting the grapes

from which it came          remembering                             hot days of summer

slipped into the refreshing pool     a soothing soak     dissolving the salt from the wounds

wash the tears and ashes from your face       peel the scabs from what would be the scars

we could see the fires below       hear the drums               and imagine the dancing

thought this shangri-la                             would last forever

it happened years ago        only in hindsight                   you can see

each in his own way          walks his own path                you will strive hard

to regain your balance       lost in an instant                    regained over time

April 24, 2016


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Very wonderful writing, Annell. I can feel that hot summer day, its perfection......and love your closing, how we lose so much, yet over time regain our footing, over time. Loved this.

as-nightingales-sing said...

Love your clear fluid details. Sometimes the healing can take a lifetime,


C.C. said...

Wow,'ve done it again.....painted such a vibrant, emotive picture that evokes such a strong reaction in the reader. The inclusion of "thought this shangri-la would last forever" is so powerful!

Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

I couldn't agree more....such strong emotions evoked especially with...

'it happened years ago
only in hindsight
you can see
each in his own way
walks his own path
you will strive hard
to regain your balance
lost in an instant
regained over time'

Mary said...

Yes, we each must walk our own path....we all have losses....and it is sad when we realize that things we thought would last forever are no more. It is not always easy to regain one's balance, but we must. We just must.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I agree, although the journey ahead is difficult, we must each walk upon our own path. Beautifully emotive.

Lots of love,

brenda w said...

This reads beautifully, Annell. There was a lush and gorgeous passion at play through the memories. And the knock at the door. Yes! I loved that, as it brought up a knock at my door from years gone by. We keep keeping on.

Jae Rose said...

That moment at the door is like a bad memory frozen in time - not a prophet but we know who knocks - yes - the final line however offers hope and love..a beautiful tapestry xo