Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016 Writer's Digest April PAD Challenge 2016/ A Love Poem -- dVerse/Your Poems

A love Poem

to see you                    to be with you                    the very thought of you

your warmth                kindness                             humor and tenderness

each time                     fresh and new                    yet a long continuum

wrapping                     the silver thread                 from my heart

to your's                       and back again                   to my own

love is complete          comfortable                         no questions

no insecurity                complete acceptance           love is austere

it is not about              what i can get                       but what i can give

silver and gold            are of no value                     when compared to you

you renew my soul      soothe my spirit                     it may not be necessary

but men die                  for lack of it                         i cherish you

April 26, 2016


The Old Man to The Old Woman

he was old                   shuffled as he left the store         shoulders hunched

head down                  heard him say                              but could not understand

someone else explained      he likes your hair                a kindness given

a kind of love             from one old man                        to an old woman

who has also lost       the spring in her step                    she touched her hair

and smiled                 waved to him                                 hello...goodbye

April 26, 2016  

Note:  We really don't get too old to give and to respond to kindness.  


Your Poems

your writing is like pieces of a puzzle      even when you have fitted         each piece

into the whole                               still hard to get the news     some words from dreams

some from imagination                 some from memory              thrown into the air

allowed to stand                            where they fall                     fitted into the picture

where they land                            so many levels                      meaning distorted

stretched                                        exaggerated                          combined with other words

for new meanings                          each word pregnant              with meaning for the whole

even when all are fitted into place   still there is mystery            so much unexplained

the reader             is expected to bring something of their own   fill in the blanks

add paint                                     plug the holes                          finish the story

April 26, 2016             


brudberg said...

I really love the thought of filling in the blanks.. there should be a mystery in great poetry.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

in the blanks
add paint
plug the holes
finish the story


Abhra Pal said...

"your writing is like puzzle pieces even when you have fitted each piece

into the whole picture "

This is the best part of the poem....

Pleasant Street said...

Always a joy...this was no less. Thank you

De said...

Love all of these, annell. I plan to write about that poet, as well, when I get the chance. ;)

PattiKen said...

Oh, my, this is such fun. Poetry as a puzzle is a great concept.

Glenn Buttkus said...

A bit of a conundrum, as your gorgeous abstract poetics describe more than one poet to me; but no matter, the form & message are beautiful, mysterious, layered--vivid yet vague. A sterling ace of the prompt. I like the lines /still hard to get the news/(some words)/thrown into the air/allowed to stand/where they fall/.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE your love poem. It is wonderful to read about a love that is so secure, so peaceful......quite wonderful. Love the poem about the old gentleman and his compliment to the woman...a small kindness that brightened her day.........an interesting poem about poetry, as well. Three poems! Each one so good to read.

De said...

Annell, I hope you get around to see there is one written about you. ;)