Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 27, 2016 Writer's Digest April Pad Challenge 2016/ A "Take-Off" Poem -- Poets United Mid Week Motif/ Open

A “Take-Off” Poem

a day comes            not in every life                          but it did in mine

without warning     you “took off”                             it was a single action

with many consequences       unexpected                   unexplained

for the life of me i have no idea why      ... we all have our reasons

if we are honest      and you must have had your's     when not feeling well

and have no idea what was wrong                      behavior can be strange

still i wonder      was it expectations unmet                simply cleaning house

before the winter chill set in                   life is so full of mystery

and sometimes the actions of others just remain explanations

what is behind it all                          was it something you had planned

or a tactical error     which only made sense           from your vantage point

a day to remember       still only a moment      in the whole scheme of things

i would like to tuck it into a little velvet pouch                  put it away

scrub my brain          never think of it again           some things best forgotten

April 27, 2016



open heart                  open to others                           open mind

new ideas                   new sounds                               new tastes

open in every way      to the world around me       open to becoming unstuck

dissolving the glue      that holds me fear            keeps me from the experiences

that make the world rich      the letter arrives               open it

takes my breath away         it is fear                     afraid to try something new

something a little bit scary    the phone rings               fear again

turns my blood cold          your voice on the line      a knock at the door

i open it                             you chase my fears away         no longer afraid

light floods in           i am released from old fears      welcome fellow travelers

April 27, 2016


Blogoratti said...

Life is indeed full of mystery. New thoughts, old memories, new doors, and discoveries. We live life and see it through our eyes, our perspective is different from others, and in the end it may lead to a crossroad of emotions.

Carol Campbell said...

Change is either a challenge or a blessing!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I especially love your poem about openness.........sometimes we have to overcome our fears and just plunge in.........two wonderful poems, Annell.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Both poems are so wise and profound!!

howanxious said...

I really liked both of them. I see second as a progression of the first... and how there is a change with the new openings and how there are still fears but eventually, there will be a release from all of that as we welcome new things in life.

Susan said...

"dissolving the glue that holds me fear" Love the opening in the middle here! The poem helps me feel the dissolve and relief of the knock on the door.

Sumana Roy said...

i feel the relief in 'no longer afraid' and flooding of light...

Jae Rose said...

You have the biggest most open heart - and we are lucky yo share your travels..i love how the imagery also reflects your art - and that velvet pouch - we all need one of those..