Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 28 2016 Writer's Digest April PAD Challenge 2016 / Important What -- dVerse Open Link Night

Important What

here i sit                       nothing comes to mind                        important (what)

for goodness sake        what is important after all                    if not important

what about necessary   food is necessary and this should be available to everyone

something good to eat  snacks are good too                even if they are not necessary

water                             necessary for life                                fresh and sweet

not dirty                        discolored                                           laced with lead

waterfalls                     might not be necessary                      but oh, what a delight

oceans & seas              a place to sail...                                  only if you have a boat

or as edward lear says   "a sieve"                                      or something else that floats

a roof over your head   a warm dry place to rest                            a cave

or nest                          a place to call home                                   work is necessary

something important to do   something to remember   we are told by edna st. vincent millay

"love is not all            but men are making friends with death       for lack of it"

someone else might say      a motorcycle or a horse                      is important

but then again             we could always walk                        surely a name is important

or how will you know when you are called                                or where we will sit

how will you be identified     then last but not least                  a life to call one's own

April 28, 2016


Linda Kruschke said...

Lovely musings on what is important and what is simply nice to have. My favorite line is: "love is not all / but men are making friends with death / for lack of it". I think love definitely falls in the category of what's important.

brudberg said...

So many things yet so simple really compared to all the things we think we need.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

A life to call one's own... sigh.. yes definitely! Lovely write.

Victoria said...

This is wonderful, unique, Annell. I love the stream-of-consciousness feel of it and that saying of St.Millay is so powerful. I can see how your art and poetic forms interact--the patterns are so well-woven.

Mary said...

Indeed when you think about it, what really is important....and, on top of that, what really is necessary. Thought-provoking writing, Annell.

Gayle Walters Rose said...

That last line spoke to me...yes, a life of one's necessary I think. Loved reading your thoughtful thoughts!

mishunderstood said...

A most enjoyable journey of thoughts.

thistle wrists said...

The last five lines are my favorites.

Roslyn Ross said...

Only by pondering can we know what is important. said...

Love this stream of consciousness writing. Two words aimed at my eye/heart: "a sieve"
Ah that we could filter out the mish mash to truly concentrate on the important. Or sometimes have the aid of a sieve to help us determine what is the important!
ruminating I am....

annell said...

Of course we have it, but making it count is the challenge!

PattiKen said...

Exactly how the mind works, tripping along through thought as they come. And at the end, a revelation.