Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 6, 2016 Writer's Digest April PAD Challenge 2016/ Fragments Geometry and Change --Poets United Midweek Motif/ Lonely Citizen

Fragments Geometry and Change

the pathways are laid out          a map of sorts             made up of shapes

fragments of thought                 memory                       and dreams

what happened yesterday         i remember it well        in bits and pieces

like the black widow spider       i weave my reality        the grid the framework

i build paintings                         like a builder                who builds buildings

life is like that                            to sort it out                  one needs a structure

to house memory and thoughts    dreams are something else

                                                                                       one never knows

from where they come             or where they go            or where they will take us

color carries the meaning        which can be personal   or universal

I want the viewer to be aware of change    which happens every minute of everyday

some changes so subtle         we aren't even aware      that they happen

a painting                                 based on black and greys      might be talking about

day into night                           night into day                   the hour of the day

the light is low                          color is lost in the shadows         mystery abounds

April 6, 2016


Lonely Citizen

i am a citizen                    i do not know where i belong            i came from a place

with deep ties                   so long ago                               my great grandfather came

raised cotton               ran away with a doctor's daughter           had eleven children

they are all gone now      time marches on                  my mother and father are gone

most everyone i once knew        is gone                                            such a cruel plan

would think some could stay        maybe see me off                   when my time comes

but no...                       i grow old                                      will probably be boxed away

in some lonely                              dark place                                                        alone

i hope there will be someone         to change my sheets                        to laugh with me

to grow old with                      most of life we are alone     not really a citizen anywhere

April 6, 2016


Sanaa Rizvi said...

i hope there will be someone
to change my sheets
to laugh with me
to grow old with
most of life we are alone
not really a citizen anywhere

These lines are so touching..!

Susan said...

Your poem "Lonely Citizen" makes me wonder if there are societies where single elders with no family are made to feel they belong. I fear that if I keep being a hermit instead of socializing, what you describe will be my lot as well. Here, there, or on the moon I would be alone. Citizenship requires some kind of participation, doesn't it? some kind of "come along with me." Powerful piece.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love your art piece, Annell, the designs make it seem to change direction as my yes move across the canvas............enjoyed the first poem, about the making of art - and a life - and I find the second poem very poignant, and can feel the emotion of aloneness in your lines.

Stephanie McManus said...

Geometry and Change pulled me in and I was caught in the fragmented thoughts... right when my tired brain may wander (tired due to lack of sleep and in no way a reflection of the art), the pauses insisted I pull to attention again. Lovely.

Mary said...

Your "Lonely Citizen" poem touches me. Such is life, isn't it? Birth, growth, marriage, growing old, death. Sad the progression. And yes, most of our lives we ARE alone....we come into the world alone, and so we leave. Facts are undeniable facts.

flaubert said...

Both are lovely pieces, Annell. Good see you over at my place, thanks. You are doing PAD? Wow!


Pamela ox

Sumana Roy said...

"would think some could stay maybe see me off when my time comes

but no..."....i also think like this and feel may be this life was designed a bit differently from both poems...

thotpurge said...

I went down that same train of thought.. in our pain we are either everyone or just alone... what do boundaries matter then. Well done!

Jae Rose said...

Perhaps we belong in the work we create - which you so beautifully describe in the first part - there is certainly no guarantee that anyone will be there for us when we truly need them but i guess we have to hope that our sheets will be changed and our hands held..sometimes perhaps universal fears join us together

Myrna R. said...

The first poem expresses your vision, your talent at seeing patterns and meaning in color and shades. It is so you.
The second one is sad. May you find a friend, then be a citizen of love.