Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 7, 2016 Writer's Digest April PAD Challenge 2016/ Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art

contemporary art           is about the urban experience            folks moved

from the farm                live in town                                        when in a museum

a haystack                      painted by claude monet                    colors in the shadows

gets our attention           takes our breath away                        when we see it

perhaps                         we long for a simpler time                   i live in new mexico    

much of yesterday         can be seen here                                  each year the people    

gather at the old ranchoes church         as they have                 for hundreds of years 

with their hands              cover it with fresh mud                       singing as they work

houses made of mud       just like the middle east                  farms still dot the countryside

in the fall                         fruit and vegetables                            for sale by roadside

chili peppers from hatch    roasted on the square                      aroma of roasting peppers                
in the crisp fall air          today's art is of this time                      this moment

the artist                          a prophet speaks                               of a time of climate change

...and after                      this is our time                                      there is no going back

still there are those            with their heads in the sand                like an ostrich

climate deniers                   change is taking place                       right before their eyes

yet they do not see             still looking for art                             created for another time

April 7, 2016

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

I like that a haystack in a painting makes people catch their breath....I get the same way over real ones, lol. I love the people working on the mud walls, singing. It sounds heavenly there.