Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 25, 2016 dVerse/ We Never Know --dVerse Open Link Night

We Never Know

Each farewell contains the implied hello      yes it is my intention to see you again

and yet...           each farewell could be the last               we never know

it has happened all too often            friends and lovers together for the last time

life too precious to hold        like a bird in a cage                we all need to be free

to live as we choose        to come and go without question            to roll in a ball

to bask in the sun                            to sing our song at the top of our lungs

no we never know              it has happened all too often     but for the one who is left

the last farewell can be a turning point                  so memorable

it can never be forgotten      each moment of the farewell          played over and over

i held my breath          you looked down             your eye lashes shadowed your cheek

you made pancakes for breakfast          took a shower                    called to me

i was late                      hurried out the door                                    closing it behind me

we never know       i promised i would return in the morning      you were no longer there

i sat by your bed        you took your last breaths            i loved you then...and always will

each time we part could be the last time                       each hello precious

May 25, 2016

Note:  When I think of the unintended farwells of my life.  Each one I wish could have been different, if only I had known.  But that is life, imperfect at its' best.


Glenn Buttkus said...

So honest, so true it hurts, because our ignorance of future events is a spiritual firewall. If we knew of every calamity before it happened, we'd be so burdened we would never get out of bed to face the day.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh yes, it hurts, those hasty farewells, the busy-ness of life, we unaware that this might be the last goodbye......sigh. Heartbreaking, and real, my friend. How these losses change us. Deepen us. Dip us in the vat of sorrow over and over again. We are strong stock, to withstand.......

Walt Wojtanik said...

Embrace each hello and every "goodbye". The Hello is an affirmation that you matter to someone and that that someone matters to you. The goodbye is a pregnant pause between the next Hello! The pauses do hurt, I agree, but the next possible greeting is made more sublime should it occur.

Kate Mia said...

sMiLes.. aS iN
reaLITy evolved
sTiLL as such
humans are usuAlly
only comfortable in connecting
to 150 to 200 sets oF eYes aT oNe
era oF tHeir liFE.. the BlesSinGS
iN liFe are to connect
to as many Loves
as possible..
i for one
FeeL.. so
oF course
see ya laters..
are necessary..
but i never say
goodbye as i aLways
beliEve in more.. jUst
'cause i can.. and oh what
a gift the Hello of Can iS
when REAL..:)

B. E. Adalgari said...

Aw, this was such a tenderhearted and honest poem, in the way it grappled with every person's need for freedom and change, but the pain that comes with moving on. The little details of the eyelashes shadowing the cheek, making pancakes, taking a shower... it's those little everyday things that are the most touching