Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 4, 2016 Poets United Midweek Motif/ Secrecy


what is really secret after all         or are all things secret          your thoughts

your actions                         the very center of your heart         the way you look at me

your hand nestled into mine    the smile at the corner of your lips      if it is for all to see

is nothing secret      the words whispered       the writing on a small piece of folded paper

slipped into my pocket         a precious gift                      hidden among other treasures

plans and conspiracies        hatched in the darkest night                     my love for you

perhaps not posted on a billboard          yet...                             not secret either

May 4, 2016


  1. It is so lovely to know that you have that great blessing in your life, my friend. I like the smile at the corner of his mouth, the small note slipped into your pocket. Sigh. Lovely.

  2. such precious gifts are the light of life....

  3. On this intimate level of two, nothing is more beautiful than the non-secret secret that keeps the world going round.

  4. It's nice when lovers's secrets reveal no secrets that their love is real. Enjoyed this.

  5. I like how this shifted back and forth. Excellent.

  6. The secret understanding between two heart, what could be more precious

    Much love...

  7. "not pasted on the billboard yet..."
    That's so true.
    I really liked the tone. There's a certain beauty to it.


  8. I get a real kick out of your fomatting as I can read it in nearly any direction and the poem has different meanings and constructions. Beautiful poem and brilliant construction.

  9. Small letters held close to the heart are far better than billboards - a treasure of a poem xo