Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 5, 2016 dVerse/ Sentiments of the Southwest

Sentiments of the Southwest

home on the range             the cowboys                     used to sing

purple mountain's majesty      through rarified air       mountains lay in watch

sacred mountain               mother mountain                adorned with skull

home on the range             the cowboys                     used to sing

boots and saddles            horses hooves stomp          shape shifters

dust devils rise up                spin                             and just as quickly disappear

home on the range              the cowboys                   used to sing

to the cattle                         on the old santa fe trail          roundup

rodeo                                  bull rider tight jeans            broken bones and all

home on the range              the cowboys                  used to sing

stars fly                               in the night time sky       chaco canyon

ancient old                         mysteries and secrets      whispered among the ruins

home on the range             the cowboys                    used to sing

low adobe walls                 pinion smoke in winter     hatch green chilies

roasting in the air               the smell of sage             after the rain

home on the range              the cowboys                    used to sing

shame                                  buried in the sand           land of enchantment

animal trails in the sage       silence of the night broken    coyote howls

May 5, 2016


Drew Doyle Storm Snyder Minow said...

scattered words,
powerful poem.

Mish said...

This is rich in Southwest culture. Love the repetition of "home on the range the cowboys used to sing". I am a huge "Hatch" fan. We go to the town of Hatch for green chile cheeseburgers every time we go to NM.

rudraprayaga said...

Beautiful word image.Land of....the silenceof the night,admirable.

Hannah said...

This is absolutely stunning...I love the feeling that each idea is captured in single freeze frames...each image lands and then slips away with a new one...really cool. I really love the contrast of stillness and then the howl in your closing. Wonderful work, Annell

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is so beautiful and absolutely transports me there , to the desert, to the mesa, along the rolling mountains..........when I visit my home town in the Okanagan, I love the smell of sage, growing on the hills, and always stop to pick some............this poem also reminds me of listening to the radio in my grandma's living room, Home On the Range and Tumbling Tumbleweed were favourites.........