Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 2 2016 The Sudnay Whirl #268 -- Sunday's Whirligig #79 -- Poets United Poets Pantry/ Memories in Autumn

Memories in Autumn

the plane descends           through the window                              i can see

sails billow                       swirling                 crisp white against blue of sea and sky

the summer sun blazing grain drying in the fields this year's vegetables the smallest

still there are tiny red tomatoes             to sizzle in the pan           and slice into salads

end of summer            memories i hold in my hand                      spin out of control

the season changes          bright orange tumbles                    down the mountain

longing comes into focus                past reflected                    in the mirror of time

i look for you        in the wind that ruffled your hair      in the snow that falls in winter

transforms another season       a bridge between here and now          and what was

in memory          i run my hand across your strong back         and feel the shoulder blade

beneath the skin                    skin smooth as silk                      i inhale you 


will i see you again          filters hold back heaviest burdens       pilled high on the barge

pulled behind             yo, ho, heave, ho     your body slips through the water like a fish

your golden fins         flash in the sunlight              a twist of the doorknob

the door partially opens      each scene/up close/20/20        in full view/yet so far away

distance unknown         hearts bound with silver threads                 i reach for you

you are there                 another day                                                 another time

October 2, 2016


brudberg said...

I find the time of transition in autumn being a time when I feel memories the strongest.. maybe it's the change in itself that make me remember other pasts the more.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love hearts bound by silver threads. Fall does seem to be a time of remembrance.


I love this. It's the best piece I've read today. There are several sections that I'm particularly drawn to, but I won't waste your white space by pasting them. :)

Jae Rose said...

The flow and ruffle of that gorgeous hair is so vivid.. So vivid perhaps a feeling can become a touch in that space between being..and not..I do hope so..and I wish I wish we will always have that connection to those whose skin we soothed..when the time is right

Mary said...

Nostalgic, reminiscent, filled with yearning, dreamlike! Really powerful writing, Annell.

Anonymous said...

The darting images draw one in inexorably.

R.K. Garon said...


Old Egg said...

When you lose a loved one the seasons hit you hard with the memories they invoke. This is the saddest time of the year for me and these days echo similar feelings to those you express especially those "hearts bound with silver threads".

Susan said...

This may be my favorite of all your poems. I like the straight forward window view changing to a mirror full of memory, sensual and desireable. I like the idea of the lover as a sailor, as a fish, in the boat, in the water, at the door.

Sumana Roy said...

"your golden fins flash in the sunlight" this is such a bright image...fins are like memories to me, always bright and moving...

Marilyn B said...

As always, wonderful.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Those bridges between now and then are so important. May we find them frequently, and cross over them gently.

signed...bkm said...

Beautiful...the orange tumbling down the mountain and the tiny red tomatoes in the pan...a wonderful mix of relationships and seasons...bkm