Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 23, 2016 The Sunday Whirl Wordle #271 --Sunday Whirligig #82 -- Poets United Poets Pantry/ In Dark and Hidden Places

In Dark and Hidden Places

i look for you      in the woodland        the desert too

most of the leaves have fallen     the last leaves      wheeling to the ground

the essence of sadness     the color all gone             the trees stand naked

quietly they wait      for the first snow of winter      transforms the landscape

i look for you           at twilight                   day is done

voices low                the fires burn              i warm myself

night is not far behind       without purpose             i drift

like fallen snow     tell my story once again        search for someone

who will listen        understanding               hard to find

i look for you         when the sun rises           above taos mountain

it is lighter now     i stand at the edge of the pool       myself reflected

a woman grown old     years too numerous to count     still i collect the bones

from birth to death        i wander in the desert                i am fully awake

i look for you         in one thousand dark and hidden places        step quietly

breaking no twigs      silently moving in the woodland     fearing the beat of my heart

will give warning      to those who thrive there                  an echo bounces

from the canyon wall        untangles the mysteries             the unspoken explanations

i look for you             on the distant horizon         for the dust that rises from your pony

years spent in the looking     the search my passion    plants whisper they have seen you

still the way is not clear       i delve into ancient books                  you are the one

not my lover                         but my beloved                                  my only son

October 23, 2016

Note: Never knowing where the words will lead when I begin, it is always a surprise. This time I used them all. Are there ever words enough to say, how much we miss the ones we love? To ask where are they? Where have they gone? Words enough to explore what we are thinking?


Susan said...

Yes, there are enough words when poetry and the muses expand their power. This poem is lovely and thorough and engaging and full of longing. You touch the mysteres and they untangle beyond words.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Annell, this is my new favourite of yours and I so resonate with your words. We will look for them forever, I think. This is so beautiful, the twilight, the sun rising above Taos Mountain - and the love and sorrow in every line.

Mary said...

I understand this so deeply, Annell. One does for sure try to find signs of the one who is gone everywhere that one goes. I think it is a search that many of us can identify with, and...if one hasn't been there, one cannot really understand. Peace to you, Annell.

brudberg said...

To outlive your child... I can only imagine the weight of autumn then... so much heavier (and I can feel the weight)

erin said...

you move toward an important truth for me - what our true relationships are with our children.

all love, i believe, originates in/from the same source. perhaps with our children boundaries are dismantled at love's inception.

annell, i hope your longing is, in ways, answered)))

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I am so deeply moved by your poem, Annell. Wish you peace. xo

Old Egg said...

Much of you poetry you talk about your son and how unbearable it is to outlive a child. Parents never want that but you have often shown in your emotive poetry that that love never dies.

Janet Martin said...

Incredibly mournful, tender and beautiful! I LOVE this: 'above taos mountain'.

Unknown said...

tell my story once again search for someone

who will listen understanding hard to find

(sounds oh so familiar to me)
very very good write.

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