Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 30, 2016 The Sunday Whirl #272 -- Sunday's Whirligig #83 -- Poets United Poets Pantry/ Change of Seasons

Change of Seasons

in the still light of morning a silvery sliver of first light streaks across the mesa

green has gone underground in preparation for winter's sleep like bear dreaming in his den

the golden leaves have fallen the trees stand naked reach for clear blue sky

black and white cows in the meadow chew the last of the succulent grass

tonight change the clock awake early count the chores

the feed for winter in the barn preparations for winter make fall a busy time

the landscape a gray velvet still gold can be seen on the very last trees

holding the last red and yellow leaves waiting for the signal the temperature will drop

every last reluctant leaf lets go wheeling/falling/hitting

the loud crash can be heard echoing throughout the valley then all is still

waiting for first loud crash of winter snowflakes fall cover all with winter white

transform the landscape each season seems to be jealous of the other

wants to be more beautiful but each has its' own beauty in the spring

the lambs by their mother's side anytime/sometimes... all times

each season has its' own beauty we are astonished we suck in our breath

October 30, 2016


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yes, each has its own beauty and I love the descriptions in this poem. I can see them all. I really like the look of this poem on the page, Annell.

brudberg said...

This is so well painted in words... the change of season, each with it's own beauty...

Mary said...

Yes, we really do need to appreciate the beauty of each season. I liked the description of each season being jealous of the other..which helps make your point very well! Sibling rivalry indeed.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

the landscape a gray velvet still gold can be seen on the very last trees.. this is so beautiful! You have really captured autumn here in its true form ❤️

Myrna R. said...

Such a beatiful description of the changing seasons. It is true of us too - all our seasons have their own beauty. Lovely writing Anell.

ZQ said...

Change of style... It did read easier but the rich content same the same :)

Anonymous said...

I love the fact they I live where there are four distinct seasons. It helps us to know that growth only comes with changes and to learn that change is as necessary as breathing. Beautiful Annell,

Elizabeth said...

So beautifully portrayed, Annell. Each season truly has its own charm.

Old Egg said...

How important it is to see the value of each season as they show us their colours. Signals of warning to prepare and greetings of good things to come and that warm love of fruitfulness. Beautifully written Annell.

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