Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25, 2017 Poets United Midweek Motif/Change


no nothing stays the same       the river of life          keeps moving never sits still

like coyote                               always on the move       he is here now

in the next instant                    he is gone                  life is like that

never get too comfortable       never sit still         we can never retrieve what is lost

never go home again        for nothing will be the same         nothing will be as it was

as we remember                even things that seems the same           sunrise/sunset

each is different                        no two alike                             a unique gift change

why would we expect things to be the same         we are not the same    we have changed

grown older                              grayer                                            wiser

still in our mind's eye         we remember things as they were       we forget nothing is the same

everything changes                 by the minute/the second       life is but a revolving door

some coming                             some going                         some spinning as in a dance

it is up to us                               to embrace change                          cherish its' value

know it for what it is                 no two seconds alike                       a unique gift change

January 25, 2017


Susan said...

If only, like a coyote, I could have a quick and clever mind and adapt and laugh and move quickly through the world. Alas. But you leave me smiling at all the ways we have to tell ourselves what we barely totally accept. Nothing stays the same. Indeed, you remind me of Robert Frost's "Nothing Gold Can Stay."

Sanaa Rizvi said...

"life is but a revolving door, some coming, some going, some spinning as in a dance. It is up to us to embrace change cherish it's value, know it for what it is."

Beautifully profound!❤️

Mary said...

This is really profound, Annell!

8189 said...

Thanks for the reminder that change is forever the constant called life,


Sumana Roy said...

I love the note of acceptance here and feel the power of it...

Carrie Van Horn said...

It is a unique gift! Thank you for the beautiful message Annell!