Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25, 2017 Writers Digest/ Let's Take a Look

Let's Take a Look

when we look at art                 so many ways to see               we can see with our eyes                    

with our heads                         or with our hearts                    when we look only with our eyes      

often we do not see at all         with our heads                         we are a little more present                 

more aware                              we can ask and answer questions        what is the color i see 

red/blue/yellow                        what is the shape                     does it have form                    

what is the value                      light/dark                                 can you follow a line  

like a road where does it lead              what is the direction                what is its' character               

or is it just a dot or a mark       made by hand                          falls off the edge                     

or made to stay within what is the size                        is there texture/pattern

visual/or real to the touch        when looking with the heart    is there resonance                   

or a vibration                           as if someone is striking          your own personal inner bell

you may feel chills down your back                or the hairs stand up on the back of your neck

tears may appear                    where dry just moments ago               the heart is full of emotion

when looking at art                  to really see/it is best to use                 eyes/head/ and heart

January 25, 2017                                


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Sherry Blue Sky said...

And the heart is most important, as in all things. I love this reflection, Annell. So many things to find and look for, in an artist's expression.