Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 29, 2017 The Sunday Whirl/ #284 --The Sunday's Whirligig #96 -- Poets United Poets Pantry/ The Circus Comes to Town

Wordle #284 The Sunday Whirl: crooked, hole, sky, there, wise, plants, first, tobacco, eaves

The Sunday Whirligig #96: demands, academic, talk, void

The Circus Comes to Town

there is a suspicion in the land     the folks now in charge are evil liars

clowns at best         many are defiant/stand up         as they have before

against what is un-american      against war                 against prejudice

resist the evil circus      protest the dark one's will      they are brave/unafraid

knowing names will be taken      there could be arrests          move on

there is a suspicion in the land      the folks now in charge are evil liars

the orange king says      i am only fulfilling my promises      i told you who i was

it is necessary       to keep the homeland safe                        the crowds remember

the stories of their grandmothers     it has happened before      there is nothing new here

police in riot gear         tell them to move on                          nothing to see here

how could it happen         and yet we were told                        it could happen here

perhaps time was waiting      to prove it could happen here      slowly the world awakes

the people speak in whispers      plan resistance                        still doubt their eyes

protests and riots on tv       build a wall                                     travel restrictions

cut help for the poor           the least among us                       move on/nothing to see here

January 29, 2017


Sherry Blue Sky said...

It is true. He did tell and show us who he was. I never thought I would see this happening in North America. I am glad for those brave enough to speak out in protest.

brudberg said...

Yes this is what he was voted to do... wonder how soon people realize what is happening. I had no right to vote, but I have my views.

C.C. said...

It is most definitely a circus, with a clown leading it.

R.K. Garon said...

Wow Annell... you go lady! Yes, i watched the clown car in the parade make it all the way to ring master without a clue of what to do except to put the tent on fire. I think we are in a sad period and there seems nothing else to do but become the NEW tea party and resist.

Mary said...

What a tragic state of affairs. There is suspicion in the land indeed. Indeed the evil king is fulfilling his promises. Every day worse. Indeed - move on/nothing more to see here.....Canada beckons.

Colonialist said...

A circus, perhaps, but they have humour and entertainment and demonstrations of skill. What we have here is more of a farce by inept itinerant players.
The 'move on; nothing to see here' is telling.

Old Egg said...

Over the centuries great nations and empires have fallen for such foolishness and prejudice. The wheel of time keeps turning. Sadly big business is least able to manage a country's diverse interests and responsibilities for all its citizens.

Iris said...

I can't think of a world I'd rather live in than one with an orange king ... especially if he has cotton candy and dancing bears to share.

Myrna R. said...

You have captured the fear many of us are feeling. I cling to my hope, but the words "history repeats itself" keep ringing in my ears.

Anonymous said...

I love the thought and energy you put into this piece. It rings with truth and a knowing reality. Yes, move on, but always resist when doing so,


Jae Rose said...

I hope this circus passes through quickly.. though i suspect there will be much to witness in its wake

Sanaa Rizvi said...

You have captured something probably everyone is feeling right now.. powerful write!

S.E.Ingraham said...

Nicely done,and as others have said, you're reflecting a common theme, I think, and doing it really well.

indybev said...

Well-drawn words present a picture that strikes fear in us all. Powerful words!

Pat B said...

I love the format of your poem. History does repeat itself, but I pray it doesn't.