Thursday, January 5, 2017

January 5, 2017 OKJ#4 - quickly /Tanya


tanya            you told me your name was tanya                  we were in it together

just for a little while          i was there with my friend         you were alone

tears ran down your cheeks       catching the light                sparkling like diamonds

you showed me      where you had broken your wrists         five years ago

pulled up your shirt            showed me the scars                  cancer three years ago

told me about your children and your mother in chicago     (how in the world had you

                                                                                                 strayed so far from home)

you were in pain                 i held your hand                  i told you i was sorry for the pain
that caused the tears             that ran down your cheeks          that sparkled like diamonds

no, i couldn't solve your problems         but i begged the nurses to help                    at last

i saw someone with her              taking notes         eventually we were released from the er       

i had to take my friend home         if only...              maybe i could have helped you get back

                                                                                                         home, too

tanya you told me your name         i think of you often              you taught me much                 

                                                                                          on one rainy... sunday afternoon

January 5, 2017


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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Some of the Tanyas of the world get more than their share of heartbreak. I hope she made her way back close to family.