Saturday, January 7, 2017

January 7, 2017 Sunday's Whirligig/ Etiolation


like wolves           on the prowl                 hungry coyotes

silent through the sage      kitten's fur stands on end      reminds me

the whole world sleeps in fear               pulls the covers up

snuggles down       wonders what the spring             will bring

after the long winter's sleep      in darkness               new growth

bulbs will seek the light       and bloom           as if they didn't know

their beds               were covered with hungry wolves footprints

pressed into the snow           /the crocus will be the first to appear

then their siblings        soon the lambs ears        inhale the new air of spring

always for the first time       new green        will meekly fill the garden

January 7, 2017

Elizabeth game me the word “etiolate.”

Definition of etiolate
JC: inflections follow subheader if they are present at all
etiolated etiolating
JC: actual definitions
  • transitive verb
  • 1
:  to bleach and alter the natural development of (a green plant) by excluding sunlight

  • 2
a :  to make pale
b :  to deprive of natural vigor :  make feeble

etiolation play \ˌē-tē-ə-ˈlā-shən\ noun

I had shared that I was working on the idea of “darkness,” looking for the positive of “darkness,” what we might learn from “darkness,” and how what we learn, might help us to get through what is to come. During winter the plants are deprived of sunlight, "green" goes underground, but in spring, all returns to life.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the coyotes on the prowl through the sage, and the kitten's fur. Only weeks, now, until spring..........winter flies fast.

soulsmusic said...

You found a wonderful way to use it. And yes, we may all have to succumb to the darkness, but always there is that hope of spring.


Pat B said...

A very nice use of the words for this challenge. "New green" that "meekly fill the garden" paints such a pretty picture. Right now all the grass is covered by a thick layer of white in our area, but I know that it will pass quickly.