Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Autumn/Poets United

AUTUMN…               my favorite time of year           new mexico ablaze

the mountains              red, orange and yellow             leaves falling gold       

a cool wind blows        snuggle into my jacket              a fire in the kiva

the smell of pinion burning      pumpkin pies cooling       on the back porch               

the sky a clear blue       green chilies roasting                hot, medium or mild   

crisp apples                  in road side stands            melancholy plays at the edge

list what is here            what is missing                         …a small blond boy

grown to be a man       still my own                             my son...


October 9, 2017



  1. Even in the fullness of autumn, there is an emptiness in your heart...

  2. Life seems to move fast when children grow up.

  3. This is so poignant, so poem hit on the same theme...the memory of my children when they were small. Your poem pings at my heart, my friend..........I so admire how you still see the beauty, even as you mourn the loss........he will always be your beautiful boy.

  4. I love how you carried the poem around from the things of the season to the seasons of our life. Time does fly and our little ones soon fly out of the nest. This is lovely Annell!

  5. one can feel the bareness after the leaves have gone.

  6. Ah the food! The colors! The absences. Taking it all together as well as we can. Beautiful.

  7. A child, suddenly all grown up, makes time fly away. Lovely poem, Annell.

  8. Oh how I'd love to be with you in the southwest for autumn. Love the images here, Annell.

  9. Amid the vibrancy of your Autumn, "what's missing" (so poignantly tucked into your poem) tugs at my heart.
    A Blessed Autumn to you Annell

    much love...