Thursday, May 18, 2017



shaky ground   the last few days have been like            mercury in            retrograde

stars spinning out of control     lights flash                    topsy tirvy

my stomach churns      nothing works                          computer/tv/or me

choose a team              wise/wisdom/wizard                loaded with insights

straight shooter           “dead eye”                               one who can see

batting average             way above most                       runs fast                      

running away               catching up                              he needs to be             

someone to count on        speaks gently            doesn’t frighten women and children              

knows which side he is on        doesn’t get caught         in no man’s land                     

confident                     sure of himself                         doesn’t strike out         

the first blow isn’t his   he is fair and honest     you know him by the “cut of his jib”

i want him on my team             when the ground moves beneath my feet          holding on

May 18, 2017             




  1. Oh you know that you want someone to hold onto when it's shaky... hope it's the right one...

  2. loved the sense of movement and momentum here. Only complaint-- font size is killer for anyone over 40!

  3. Love the description and your creativeness in your poetic style.

    Excellent write my friend. :)

  4. No man's land is where no man should ever go. I guess that's why it's called that, eh?

  5. I really like the opening and closing.

    I vote for a wizard. :)

  6. It is a relief to hear someone speaking intelligently and clearly, not in riddles, when most of what we hear is topsy-turvy.........when it gets too bad, I stop watching the news for a while.

  7. I know that feeling, Annell and you have conveyed it so well.

  8. Assessing the potential (and dangers) of a new partner throws the cultural daubs of worthiness onto a canvas for us to see, consider, pass through, like sketches of a embrace. For me the sports metaphor shows fitness but not worth--not enough--and too masculine to count for more than the obvious.

  9. Hell in a hand basket--chaos in cups--fascism in our face (again)--Nukes on our nerves. I don't know if Jesus was a ball player, or Buddha, or Mohammed, or Ramtha--but some folks find the support you crave in their meditation & spirituality. I do know that a good man is hard to find--we are rare creatures; a good woman likewise. Your poetic form was daring, creative & fun. I have the reader chase my words around the page too.

  10. Thanks Glen, yes, good people are hard to find.

  11. I like the flow and the subject matter and i want to say good people are everywhere to be found in my experience...having said that the real good person we can always depend on is us right?

  12. Mercury in retrograde I relate to...things do not work like they should sometimes. It takes a lot of patience to live, period!

  13. Fear is a great weapon in political power. Agree, conform or be crushed and they go down in history books and the ordinary citizens live in fear. Let's hope more people vote next time.