Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Write a Poem/ The Sunday Whirl -- Sunday's Whirligig -- Poets United


how to write a poem            when your mind is empty    you look out

across the sweet scent of sage        to the horizon           try to remember/surrender

to the early morning             the past appears                   what a surprise

think about someone            who sailed the archaic boat     green against the blue sea


the joy of it all                      the laughter we shared        as we stitched the sails       

and scanned the horizon     sea gulls followed                  the little black dog

as he swam                            in the waves              that sparkled and reflected the

morning light                        he heat of the sun               warmed our skin


the deceit was           that we thought it real          the mermaids with yellow hair       

the seashells we collected   best of all                   we wouldn’t grow old          

thought it would last forever         such a silly “think”   since nothing ever does

everything ends                    as surely as it begins             the trip is over

we flip a shiny silver coin                 bend down to pick it up       heads or tails

we begin again                      …we wonder which comes first      the beginning or the end

July 30, 2017


  1. Perhaps in some way when the coin is tossed both beginning and end is summoned.. a shining write xo

  2. Oh I can almost smell the sage of the desert....and then the salt of the sea. I could see those sails.......feel the foreverness of the moment in time, now a golden memory. Very beautiful, Annell.

  3. The stitching of sails put a smile on my face... and the "wonder which comes first the beginning or the end". This is perfect.

  4. Very beautiful. I love the movement

  5. I would suggest that our dreams/poems/visions are real in a way that we can't quite explain, which, of course, is why we keep trying to! I so enjoyed this poem, Annell. It's a fine piece of work.

  6. Thought provoking...the beginning or the end? We thought it would last forever. Age creeps up on us and we become aware of our mortality.

  7. The free flowing thoughts created a beautifully visual poem that I was lost in...a world of lovely images that just keeps going.

  8. This is so beautiful.. especially love the idea of 'stitching of sail'..

  9. You did very well...if it was really true that your mind was empty when you sat down to write a poem. Smiles! I like the collection of joys you shared. I wonder too which comes first - the beginning or the end. My hope is that the end will be the beginning of something good. Smiles. As always, a thought-provoking write!

  10. Love the free-wheeling thoughts in this poem and the philosophical musings.

  11. Even though you wrote about the "adventure" throughout the poem there was the feeling of loss and emptiness as our life's bucket has nothing left in it.

  12. Love the imagery of slow movement all over reminding of imperceptible passage of time. Beautiful.

  13. Nice cyclic enveloping of all the details of the trip.

  14. The sailing metaphor cascades beautifully through this. Writing poetry, truly is a voyage.

  15. I was gripped by this poem...the ascent and descent are perfect metaphors and the sadness of the final hike comes through so strongly.