Thursday, September 7, 2017

Empty Spaces -- dVerse/ open link night


            EMPTY SPACES

yesterday we pondered questions          turned over rocks         found no answers        

what fairy tale do you prefer    or can you accept what is         without explanation

the empty sack             found in the desert                               an empty coffin

so tiny it could fit in your hand             all that remained          was a soft baby blanket

the color blue               missing spaces within spaces                 what is in between

unseen but known        you say             by the time we understand what has happened

and what we experienced         it is rarely what actually occurred         it happened yesterday

still it takes even longer            to understand the meaning                   set a new course

clean the hearth                        sweep up the ashes                               wash the dishes

we have decided                      the answers can’t be found       we look to the stars

they twinkle back                     is it a code without words         or only glittering feelings
left in a sack                 found in the desert                               an empty coffin

what is in between                    empty spaces                            unseen but known

September 5, 2017




  1. There is a story behind the empty sack and the baby blanket. Likely a sad one. I know you contemplate spaces all the time, being an artist, the spaces between the paint having their own purpose in the entirety of the work.

  2. There is a lot of mystery here to contemplate...empty spaces--or the silence between the smiles.

  3. I found that you had the questions ... the answers with a coffin and a baby blanket cannot be happy ones.

  4. Chinmouko...the Japanese of sound between the notes, silent sound between the spaces. This is so silently beautiful Annell. The empty coffin, the glittering stars...all of it.

  5. The empty spaces is a mystery to me as well. However, question the empty spaces does ponder the next question after question while in the end the answer may not be a happy one.

  6. Those questions with no answers linger on and on ~ The empty sack and coffin conjures chilling images of death ~

  7. How haunting, those images of the empty sack, the baby blanket and the spaces. Spaces in time, between memories, images and words, between cleaning the hearth, sweeping up the ashes and washing the dishes. For me, that's when I can't stop thoughts from invading.

  8. Space, the final frontier. How this write brilliantly lends substance and meaning to that apparent void. And to insert an empty coffin deepens the mystery.

  9. I love the graphics of the poem echoing the spaces between the questions and whatever answers are found. The rule of thumb is not to use graphics in poems unless they have an excellent reason for being there. Here, they work so, so well.

  10. I liked the idea underlying the second stanza with the choice of some fairy tale or going without any explanation at all.

  11. Tiny coffins and empty in the and gone...what is reality? Where do we find answers? In poetry perhaps?

  12. this was very sad and reminded me of childlessness...which can be very painful and empty...I was fortunate that eventually my twin girls came along, after many years, much despair and much loss. Love to you. XX