Tuesday, July 3, 2018

LIFE ON THE MESA/imaginary gardens with real toads


The city seems far away
Hurry, hurry

Still the energy runs high
Ideas breed new ideas
Rest is not found for long
Slips into the gutter
Like rain water from the sidewalk

Still it is amazing
It all works as well as it does
Best to stay on your side of the street
Freeways congested
Each new day
The sun rises
And sets at the end of the day
Which seems to have only began

I keep my distance
In memory I drive the freeways
Spend the day in the studio
With sounds of trucks
Buses and trains
Filling every space

I do not long to return
I am happy here
The hermit that I am
On the mesa
The sun rises in silent morning
Traveling through the sky
And setting at the end of each well-worn day

July 3, 2018

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