Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 29, 2015 The Sunday Whirl/ Change--Poets United

sleep eluded me      my mind raced through many thoughts

would not stop                i am not always aware of where it begins

last night it began        with the idea of change        how it can sneak 

                                                                                 up on you

the solider is on watch      he is tired drops his head and falls asleep

it seems the moment he closes his eyes                 change is there

rearranging the furniture       just when he has gotten it the way he wants it

if there is one thing       humans don't like                it is change

and it is the one thing we can count on                 i dare not speak

not a word               for fear more change                will come

when change knocks on your door invite her in     your will hear

the tap of the heel of her shoes as she crosses the floor

the hem of her skirt lightly brushes the ground       set a place for her

at your table                        keep her close

it's not a big deal really...

the revolving door of life                but it can cause such unhappiness

the one so easy to love     to share all my secrets with          my friend

when together           you find us chirping                our arms entwined

lost in whispers

do you see the large green worm            crawling on the wall nearby

                               does he overhear our conversation

I carefully pick him up and set him on an amber leaf in the garden

your loss fosters the feeling of rot in me       leaves a large hole in its' place

August 29, 2015


  1. This is wonderful, Annell, inviting change in to sit at the table - that is brave as we do so resist change. I like the idea of hearing change's footsteps crossing the floor, her hem brushing the ground. Wow! And I especially love the fat green worm, and the kindness of moving him to a better spot. He might resist at first, but then likely will see how much nicer his new location is. A lesson for me there, LOL.

  2. This is so moving...I found myself so involved...totally immersed in the experience of your poem. I have such a hard time with change...I didn't realize it really, just kind of sneaks up on me and then suddenly it's a big deal...any way, I love the choice of color in leaf...the amber suggests the changing of seasons and then the loss in the end resonates with the emotion of loss. This poem is brilliant, annell, thank you, so much for sharing it with's timely. ♥

  3. Embracing change is all very good but we all have that nagging doubt whether it is for the better, when so often it isn't. Many of us think that change is forced upon us to make more profit for someone else but benefits us very little...except in medical research and then we find it is man made problems that are making us sick in the first place.

  4. Such an insightful poem Annell - yes change is both inevitable and sometimes irreversible...hearing her cobbles on the stones is truly chilling..a beautiful and powerful poem..

  5. Not only is change a constant, it always entails some level of loss. That might be why we resist it,


  6. Change challenges our comfy. Sometimes we can keep our heads under the blanket. But eventually it sneaks up on us and draws us out. Your poem is totally absorbing. I always fing your wrap around form very interesting

    Have a nice Sunday

    Much love...

  7. I love your personification of change and the way you invited her in like a good friend when what I like to do with change is bolt the door and pretend I don't hear the knocking :-( Really great lessons here, Annell!

  8. It is often that sleep eludes us .. as thoughts swim in our head .. the idea of change.. can be both appealing and frightening.. depending upon how we perceive it. Beautifully penned!

    Lots of love,

  9. interesting thoughts and images. woderful.

  10. Yes change can defeat us so it is much better to invite her in and embrace her!

  11. Change though inevitable is not always a welcome guest... but we have to bend our heads and accept it.. the sheer weight might change us too..

  12. I love your thoughts on change, and how we might as well listen, rather than refuse. Lovely poem, Annell.

  13. it's not a big deal really...
    the revolving door of life

    Change is a constant. Many react negatively. But no big deal as it
    continues whether one likes it or not. Very true annell, good job!


  14. Sad truth in the ending, Annell. Strong work!

  15. Well written, the invention of Change is a well crafted sequence.