Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Augsust 12, 2015 Writer's Digest/ Wonder


there are times                  when old and                               tired are paired

but it isn't necessary             as i age & grow old       my understanding grows deeper

perhaps my ideas               become smaller                           up close and personal

                    i am thrilled at the smallest things of life

i ask the meaning of the morning         the pink at the horizon         the blue of the sky

the young have fledged                       yet there is one who returns each night

to sleep in the empty nest            where are the others                      & why do i follow

a chosen star                         what about the shadow that follows me each day

a tiny humming bird                  comes to the garden                      checks each flower

before she choses one         to hover & sip the nectar              why that one & not another

i am amazed                 at the mystery of time                                       how it speeds up

the hands on the face spin             then without warning         time slows to a labored crawl

marvel at the sunset         the colors of red & gold             the perfect ending of each day

perhaps it is only with age          i slow down       with wonder i see the world around me

                   ...i think of you

August 12, 2015

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Blogoratti said...

Hello friend, what a vivid and heart warming piece. Greetings to you!