Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Human Trafficking/ Poets United

Human Trafficking

stalled in the traffic                  a hobo rides the train               where are we going

and where did we come from               blood sweat and tears   bundled together

sinew and bone                        enclose the heart within            a tower tall

captured in a prison                 the clock strikes the hour         always in the middle

chains to hold                          the only thing free                    is your breath

do not be shy                           take it all                                  fill the lungs

hands tied                                the mind is free                        free to remember

memories don’t cost a dime      slipped into an envelope          mailed across country

take it away                              we all long for freedom            a place that is mine

July 30, 2017  


Jae Rose said...

Succinctly and skilfully written (as ever) Annell xo

Julian said...

the only thing free is your breath.......another fine poem penned

Susan said...

" ... the only thing free is your breath
do not be shy take it all . . ."

I like how you find the freedoms which are, of course, inadequate. I'm sure they are counted daily as long as the mind is one of them.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I often think about Mandela, and how they could keep his body captive, but could not take his mind and spirit. Though I am sure, in trafficking situations, the spirit must get beaten down beyond belief. Our human experiment has not turned out too well.

Nosaint said...

I loved this "Slipped into an envelope Mailed across the country." Nicely done!

Old Egg said...

The only true freedom is being abandoned on a desert island to fend for oneself! However we are gregarious and find that everybody is different and but few good. Soon we find how ugly and cruel we are.

Marja said...

I've read the amazing book "Mans search for meaning" by viktor frankl, a holocasut survivor. He survived because of he was able to redirect his mind to free his mind from the outside world.

Nimi Arora said...

It is a poem that spoke to me not just on a practical but spiritual level to. It's a cruel struggle...

Panchali said...

I can totally relate to how easy it is to often jail ourselves.... and how important it is to remember that WE can also set ourselves free. A powerful poem, Annell!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Yes, we do all long for freedom, and the longing is particularly acute in those who whose lives are at the mercy of others. And we thought slavery was abolished by the Civil War!

Sok Sareth said...

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