Sunday, August 6, 2017

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED -- The Sunday Whirl --Sunday's Whirligig --Poets United



many letters have been sent               often rejection is the response    despite this


letters will continue to be sent        forming chains          reaching out


agreed rejection can feel like a punch in the throat                      or worst


on the surface                       you won’t be able to tell                   what has happened




laughter will burst forth                   thoughts will be tucked into the envelope


what could be harder                   than to be told                     you are not good enough


your work doesn’t measure up                    it should be simmered on the stove


topped with nuts                  passed around                       eaten for lunch




surely more satisfying           what does it matter   what difference does it make


you invest your life               your heart                              what you offer                      


is your very best                    you have nothing else          you label each one   


with a number                       date and color                       what is to be won after all




it is the life that matters       the life full of wonder                        inspiration


only your very best   would do        each day produces a work to be signed


you add your name               the day complete                  satisfaction guaranteed


August 6, 2017



Paul John Dear said...

Topped with nuts and eaten. Yes!

Sherry Marr said...

I so agree. Satisfaction lies in the creation of your best. I smiled at the "topped with nuts" as well!

Susan said...

If the satisfaction isn't in the sending, we are a bunch of disappointed people. I should be sending, but have put the satisfaction off for the while in favor of getting down because of procrastination. Not really, but I've been heading in that direction. This poem is a good reminder not to.

Colonialist said...

If the reward is in the sending and not the response, there is satisfaction indeed. Unless of course, one stops sending; or, worse, producing.

Wendy Bourke said...

An awesome piece that hit close to home, for me. I think of a published piece as being gifted with wings (able to go a little further) and so, I spend one day a week submitting ... and - consequently - receive dozens and dozens of rejections ~ yuck ~ and I'm often surprised/shocked at what gets accepted and what gets rejected. I've switched, almost exclusively to on-line submissions (less of an ordeal, all round).

I don't know if you've tried 'Cathy's Comps and Calls' ( She runs a free website that lists tons of publications by monthly competition and journal submission deadlines (that can all be done on-line). I've found that website to be the best resource for writers, that I've come across, so far.

Also, I've found, newer journals are more likely to publish (as opposed to older ones that are inundated with hundreds of poems). And that Journals that call for work on a theme (such as windows) are easier to get published in, as there is likely to be fewer themed pieces submitted.

But, I agree, at the end of a day, the real satisfaction comes in a work complete.

Mary said...

Nice to think letters reaching out - forming chains. But rejection really does feel like a punch in the throat oftentimes. And the feeling that one's work does not measure up is awful indeed. But the last stanza says it all - it IS the life that matters!

Thotpurge said...

Aah that is the question in the end.. submit or not, self publish or not, just blog or not... in the end one can write just for catharsis or passion but I think every one wants to be read and not just by other poets.. so somehow have to get it out there.. past the rejection wall.

Sumana Roy said...

What matters most is satisfaction that comes out of the work done, though rejection hurts.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is so true.. satisfaction lies in the creation of our best. Beautifully penned.

Marja said...

Love the letter forming chain and also love your bit of sarcasm "topped with nuts passed around eaten for lunch" Yes it is the hardest part of being a writer I think submitting your work