Friday, December 13, 2013

December 13, 2013 Poets United/Verse First - Lost Art

Poets United  Prompt:  Lost Art

Lost Art
When the piece
Doesn’t work
And I am weary
I simply call it
A lost piece
I wasn’t able to save it
Couldn’t revive it
Got lost in the process
Had to let it go
Grieved for a moment
And began again
I suppose
Somewhere is
There must be
A certain number
Of lost pieces of art
In any career
So celebrate
Another one down
Another one less
In the future


Brian Miller said...

the way i figure it you have to go through those pieces to get to ther good ones...and you never know when you might find one little part in the lost one to make a great one out of...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Brian I have started poems which seemed to be going nowhere or in a bad way but rather than toss them I've held on to the and later in a different frame of mind they have proved a source of inspiration

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