Tuesday, June 5, 2018

THE SEPARATION OF DAYS/imaginary gardens with read toads


This morning finds me
As though I have been away
For a very long time
Perhaps days are separated 
By nighttime dreams
Other worlds
Lived in the underground
The darkness

I have the feeling of returning
I sit in my chair
It feels like my chair
But it feels as if 
I have not sat here
For a very long time

I am changed
I am not the same
Something has released me
I have done my very best
Turned the negative
Into a positive phrase
I remember all the ports
In which we have stopped

All the people we have met
The ones who offered a hand
It has been so long since rain
There was a thought
Would we all burn to a crisp?
Another helicopter flies overhead
The smoke is less this morning

Since it rained yesterday
Perhaps the fire is less
The summer has just begun
And before it ends
Without more rain
Perhaps we will burn to a crisp

June 4, 2018

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Taking time off.....

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