Sunday, June 24, 2018

THE SHELL FOUND ON THE DESERT FLOOR/ the sunday whirl wordle #357

Far from the surf – a lacy edge – pink within

The one that called this shell home
Is nowhere in sight
The shell has lain in limbo
For at least one thousand years
Waiting for the next wave
To come ashore

Images of great butts
Mountains and mesas
Homes carved into 
Canyon walls
Pit-houses into hills
Provide a safe place to play

The sky an open space
Clear blue
Clouds form abstractions 
Three hundred sixty degrees
Thunder rattles…
Death rattles…

The snake rattles 
As she slithers under rocks
Safe from the sizzling sun
Fresh white sheets
Folded into neat piles
The edges as sharp as blades
The ring she wears
Sparkles in the setting sun

Hot winds blow
You gasp for breath
The wind chimes sound
Dust devils form
The desert can be a bitter pill 

June 24, 2018

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