Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop/imaginary gardens with real toads

Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop

All bad news
People drown
Towns swept away
By the latest storm

Eleven infant bodies in the attic
Reporter tortured to pieces
Clowns in the white house
Where is the refuge

Rowdy mobs yell
About other rowdy mobs
No sleep in two years
Anxiety and shame

Shame on me
Shame on you

Look out the window
Autumn is here
Snow predicted on Sunday

Under blue skies
Don’t turn it on
Leave it

I’ve heard enough
I am full up
Take a break
Waiting for the next shoe to drop

October 13, 2018


Sherry Blue Sky said...

And it could be a calamitous shoe indeed....I feel the same way - when will it stop and life return to something more normal? Since they are making hundreds of thousands of people "ineligible" to vote - which is a Constitutional right - it does not bode well for a shift in power.

wow, snow soon. Here, we are enjoying such a long golden sunny fall. The leaf colour is spectacular.

Anonymous said...

"Where is the refuge?" Indeed. I know the feeling.

Vivian Zems said...

It's beyond overwhelming.... this chaos we call civilisation. You touched all the sore spots, Annell. Well done!

tonispencer said...

Well done Annell. Where is our refuge? Indeed.

brudberg said...

News tend to be crazy... I wonder how long it can be... after all the sun still rises every morning.

annell4 said...

Thank you for your comment, Toni

WildChild47 said...

I like the feeling of this poem, for as frustrating as the content is, or rather subject matter. I think you've captured all of the essences and feelings that underpin all of the madness - the absolute horror, the rage, the impotence, the sense of hopelessness and despair, as well and the need to still rise and give voice - and yet - in all of this, there is, truly a need - a need to stop - and step off, back and away - because what purpose can anyone serve if they keep falling into the cycle? this is perhaps, the best form of "control"? yes, subtle and sublime - keep them enraged and engaged and screaming - because eventually, even the smallest screaming child will stop for lack of energy. Sometimes, the sanest choice is to fall back, not in indifference, but because turning to self is the best and most appropriate action to take, in order to return, with purpose that speaks from the best of each's self.
And I think you've captured this well here - in this poem. Yes, when will the damn shoe drop?
but in some ways, so what -it will drop. best to try to be prepared and strengthened with a more personal truthful resolve it seems to me.

Pat (different sign in)

kaykuala said...

Yes, there's too much to be bothered about. Too much to chew in a way. The White House is still able to hold out on its own with those dark news after so long. Just shows the distaste lingers on.


Yvonne Osborne said...

Reporter literally tortured to pieces and our president entertains a rapper and beams at the accolades. Because it's all only about him. Our national headache is turning into a migraine.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Some times there seems no escape from bad news
Don't turn it on is the right way to go. But I have to...
Anna :o]

annell4 said...

Thank you for your comment, Yvonne.

annell4 said...

Yes....me too, Anna. Thanks for your comment.

Teresa said...

It really has been quite the ride these last two years. I'm hoping things will improve after November.

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