Saturday, October 27, 2018

Where I Write/imaginary gardens with real toads

Where I Write

My house is small
Just a little casita
Years ago, we build a studio
A place to paint

A place to work
A place to write
My desk faces Northeast
To my right

I look out at Taos Valley
To the village below
And the mountains beyond
I can see the early morning sun

Rise with pale pinks flooding
A pale blue early morning sky 
Over the dark blue mountains
To my left I can see 
Mostly sky usually blue
Just outside the widows

The sage brush grows
The view is very similar
To looking out to sea
The sage a low intensity green

That looks very much like waves
I am often reminded of my home
On the coast
I write on the computer

My chair is a worn office chair
Blue green
Classical music 
Visibly floats in the air 

Sounds from a piano, or cello, or violin
Keeping time
For otherwise time would be lost 
As I am lost in my work

October 27, 2018


tonispencer said...

I love how you compare the sage to the sea! It must be wonderful living where you do. What an inspiring and beautiful place to write. thank you for posting this lovely poem to my prompt.

annell4 said...

Thank you Toni!!

brudberg said...

Love how you have those visuals... a view like that and with the right music sounds perfect for your art.

Anmol (HA) said...

There is something so romantic and pleasant about this setting — I love all the visuals that you enjoy and how you describe them with such color and imagery. It is so calming to even read about it. :-)

Old Egg said...

One of the delights in life is to be lost in ones work, especiallly so with writing as you inhabit the world you created. The good thing about facing north or north east is that you are not distracted by the sun so that checking your watch are suprised how long you have spent writing!

Kim M. Russell said...

A studio or a study is a haven for artists and poets alike. I love the sound of your view over the Taos Valley, village and mountains - and the early morning sun - a must! I love that the waves of sage brush remind you of home on the coast.

Maude Lynn said...

What a view that must be! I love the serenity of this piece.

Helen said...

A casita ~ how perfect! And sitting in an idyllic location! I can imagine you there. said...

Your view sounds ideal. I like the comparisons of ocean and desert. Your house must be quite cozy.

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