Wednesday, September 12, 2018

He Walks in the Glittering Sunlight/imaginary gardens with real toads

He Walks in the Glittering Sunlight

In the glittering sunlight 
Chamisa in bloom
Yellow against azure sky
As he is himself

He casts a dark shadow
Begins his journey
Exact time unknown
Though it is always in the fall

He lifts his head
Arches his back
Gracefully takes one step
Like the bull fighter
Then another…and another

He plants each of his eight feet
As he steps forward
You will see him walking
On the road

As if it belongs to him alone
He gives no quarter
Issues no right of way
The tarantula walks alone
Destination unknown

September 12, 2018

Note:  So far this year, I have not seen him or his buddies, but others have told me they have seen him.  It is a mystery why he walks in the fall, or where he is going, perhaps because it is so lovely this time of year, he is just out for a stroll.


Anmol (HA) said...

Ooh, quite a mysterious stroll. I like how you intersperse the verse with small details and end it with his identification. I liked the azure imagery as well. Well-penned.

Sherry Marr said...

Oh my goodness, I would not want to see one of those critters ambling by..........I love your title, and the colours and imagery in this poem.

Jim said...

You are keeping your readers in suspence, good job. I was trying to figure out if he was mythical or deity. When I read of the eight feet I was thinking octopus but the previous descriptions didn't fit the sea creature well. When we lived in El Paso tarantulas were quite common although I never saw one in my five years there.
Reminds me of the school animals choosing sides and playing schoolyard football. The elephant's team was way behind. But right away in the second half the Octopus scored five touchdowns in a row. The elephant asked the Octopus where he had been during the first half. His answer. "I was putting my shoes on." Sorry, Annell...

annell4 said...

Thank you Ha, in the fall you see them often, I am not sure where they are going. Thanks for your comment.

annell4 said...

Thank you Sherry, actually I think you might like them!

annell4 said...

I like your story Jim, thanks for your comment, and thanks for sharing the story.

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