Sunday, September 30, 2018

End of Discussion/poets united poets pantry -- The Sunday Whirl Wordle 371

End of Discussion
Stand and face your accuser
Your face contorted
Your performance awful
Did you see the same 

You question the need for facts
You made faces
You were angry
What does that qualify you for

You worry about what others say
You should worry about
Your less than professional performance
Let alone for a place on the highest court in the land

I cannot think of any position you would qualify for
Perhaps your plans were knocked from your grasp
You said your life was ruined
As if it didn’t matter your behavior

I can only say for myself
As a woman
I know, I would never trust you
It is difficult to talk about sex

Especially, to talk with you here
When she says she remembers
And has no motive
When a woman says she is 100 percent sure

You can take it to the bank
End of discussion

September 30m, 2018


Sherry Blue Sky said...

He certainly showed his ugly colours, not fit to sit on ANY bench. My goodness, they are a horrible bunch. Well said, my friend. My power is out all day, e you when I am back online......

brudberg said...

I am glad that I didn't watch the ugly performance, and given what Mrs Ford has to go through just by accusing him, I wonder how he can complain... maybe it would be better to admit that he doesn't remember shit because he was too drunk... that would at least seem credible.

Mary said...

He definitely showed his true personality in the way he acted during the hearing. So angry and then his tears. If a woman had done the same she would have been chastised, but the right wing admired his performance. I did not feel pity for what he and his family went through...I feel sorry for what so many women go through daily and are afraid to come forward about. Your writing was strong, and you portrayed Kavanaugh excellently!

C. Sandlin said...

Ugh. Tried to ration my viewing of this but was still amazed at the way it turned my stomach. You summed it up well.

tonispencer said...

I am glad I didn't watch this ugliness. You stated it very well

ZQ said...

I am so sad with the state of things... I will not take it any further than HOPE... and following morality. : (

Wendy Bourke said...

Amen - and well said! What a wrenching spectacle - especially, I have no doubt, for survivors of sexual abuse. Western society has long promoted the notion that members born into the highest 'class' are entitled to a free pass: in their educational, career and criminal exploits. Christine Blasey Ford's compelling testimony spoke … profoundly … to an appalling absence of moral integrity. For many thinking people of conscience, this was the line-in-the-sand-point from which they will go no further in looking the other way, in order that another son of privilege be elevated to a position he is not fit for. It will be interesting to see whether the will of the people, prevails. An important and pertinent piece of writing, Annell.

Helen said...

Powerful writing! There will be no winners here, sadly. said...

I loved the photos you used for this. I am sick and tired of watching or listening to it.

Cressida de Nova said...

I am not following it because it is all too much .They way women are treated is disgusting and the message we have received is grin and bear it. That is your lot.

Politics has descendend into Dante's hell everywhere and has become an eternal nightmare.The culture of these University colleges has always been misogynist ( I think you call them frat houses)They are traditionally dens of iniquity and disgusting behaviour towards both male and female students is condoned. We have a problem here also .

Why only yesterday a young girl came forward and said that three boys broke into her room at 3am . She complained to the authorities at the college and they said she was making a fuss over nothing and was just trying to draw attention to herself.She left the college.

When I was a young student a friend of mine was in the teaching course. She was giving a science lesson ( boys high school) and told a student who was waving a rod to put it down and not to use the equipment. He told her to go shove it up her arse. She went to the Principal and he asked her if she was sure the student said this and nothing was done
She took took the matter further and was told by a higher authority that she needed to
adopt a more mature attitude with regard to these situations. In other words just put up with it and don't make a fuss.
Now you can see why I am not following this because once I get going there is no stopping...I will leave it to the young ones to hit the streets and fight...I have had my days in the trenches...I will support them with my words and wave the flag:)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Seeing his face makes me a little sick... and a lot angry.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Absolutely, the end of discussion. And then he got appointed anyway because: Repubs care more about power than anything else, including morality or justice. Gah.

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