Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Sun Sets Over Taos/poets united midweek motif Sunset

The Sun Sets Over Taos

How to write about the sunsets  
In the Southwest
It is an almost impossible task
Since the skies are the biggest

The light is the brightest
The clouds either
Cover the sky with abstractions 360 degrees
Or they are not there at all

Often the sunrises rival
The sunsets
Like an artist
Has spread paint across the sky

As the sun rises in the East
Over Taos Pueblo
The color begins to soften 
Into pinks and blues

Later at the end of the day
It is as if the artist
Has spilled his paint
From his pallet

Flaming red, orange, and yellows
Glorious color
Even greens and purples
Woven gold in between 

September 12, 2018


Susan said...

Wow! An overwhelming beauty!

Sumana Roy said...

This poem is a wondrous painting. So love this.

Gillena Cox said...

"Later at the end of the day
It is as if the artist
Has spilled his paint
From his pallet"

Luv this image best

Happy Wednesday Annell

much love...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

It must be glorious to witness, with so much sky. Here, I can only catch the faintest glimnpse of colour through the wall of trees. I would have to drive to see the sunset and usually am too tired. But I must get to some this fall!

Toni Spencer said...

Beautiful. You have painted for us a glorious sunset.

annell4 said...

Thanks Susan, wish you were here!

C. Sandlin said...

Love the image of a painter working out the colors :)

annell4 said...

Thanks Sumana, yes, nature is so wonderful!!

annell4 said...

Thanks Gillena!

annell4 said...

Thanks you Sherry!

annell4 said...

Thanks for your comment Toni.

annell4 said...

Thanks C. Sandlin for your comment.

Sarah Russell said...

I agree, Annell. The most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen have been in the West, especially in the Santa Fe/Taos area. You really do live in the Land of Enchantment.

annell4 said...

Yes, it is. And I am always enchanted. Thanks for your comments Sarah.

Priscilla King said...

This does explain why so many different color combinations have been identified with Taos or as "southwestern"...depending on where/when you look!

annell4 said...

Maybe, thanks for your comment, Priscilla.

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