Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Of the Heart/dVerse

Of the Heart

A gift of the heart
This day has come to a close
The sky a soft pink-to-blue-to-grey
The kitten sits on the windowsill

Surveying his domain
The world at peace
The mountains remain silent
Watching over the people of the valley

Counting the gifts bestowed
A token is a gift of the heart
Preferably unique
One of a kind

Often made by the hand of the giver
Could be a handkerchief
With your initial embroidered on it
Or a paper Valentine

It should carry no market value
Or if it does
The value in coins should be small
As it is a gift of the heart

Something that cannot be purchased
Perhaps a special rock or stone
Found along the way
A flower from your garden

Cookies you bake yourself
Or a letter on blue paper
Tied with a blue ribbon
It is a keepsake after all

Something small
That will fit into your breast pocket
Perhaps a fossil of a shell from long ago
A feather that landed at your feet

The gift would mean nothing to anyone else
But would mean everything to me
A token of your love
A song that only you could sing.

Little gifts exchanged
Love endured
Put away for safe keeping
Or kept near the heart for all times

March 7, 2018


sarah said...

Ah, this is lovely. It's Mothers Day in the UK on Sunday, and this made me think of the little gifts my kids used to give me - valueless and priceless at the same time. You capture it beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

Sherry Marr said...

This is so beautiful.......I love the gifts mentioned....especially the feather. I remember walking along the beach road years ago, explaining to two friends that I wanted an eagle feather. But you cant "just get" an eagle feather, I explained - it has to be gifted to you when you are deemed worthy. As I was speaking, we saw an eagle feather on the road, lying directly in my path. I picked it up and said "I believe this is for me". They looked at me in awe, as if I were a conjurer. LOL. They said "We think it is too."

Grace said...

The gifts from the heart are priceless!

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