Sunday, March 4, 2018

ZERO-SCAPE/The Sunday Whirl/ #341 Wordle -- Poets United


The garden has been torn apart
The word of the day is zero-scape
Every living thing has been hauled away
Powerful arms at work

From the jungle it was
To a Zen garden
To quiet the mind
No water needed

The large rocks
From last year’s garden
Are waiting
Stacked near the wall

A casual placing of the stones
Or a careful arrangement
A sculpture
A rock garden

In a rock garden
Will the small rocks grow
Should they be placed in a row
What about a fire pit

The hearth of the garden
No longer a place for snarling
Kitties with sharp claws to hide
The view of the mountains

Will have no competition
From the green garden
We will all talk about what we saw
The garden will be like the rock canyons

A place for afternoon relaxing
Dinner on the portal
Watching the sunset
The heat of the day forgotten

March 4, 2018


Jae Rose said...

I love the refined nature of this has a solidity

Mary said...

I love all of the vivid descriptions and the many phases of this garden.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the idea of a Zen garden. I love rocks. Sometimes people place them in circular patterns. I would love to sit on your patio at day's end, my friend.

Toni Spencer said...

I too love a rock garden. I used to have one years ago and one of the more pleasurable tasks was raking the gravel into patterns. I miss it.

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