Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Soul Striving/ dVerse

Soul Striving

Soul striving
Without lying
All based on truth
Straighten your back

Stand up straight
Lift your arms
Directed by the music
What have you found

What are you looking for
Reach for the mirror
Step the circle to the music
The rhythm of the castanets

I gaze into your eyes
We touch souls
Exchange glances
The wind in your hair

Soul striving
Without lying
Your truth or mine
Life is but a dance

March  20, 2018


Paul John Dear said...

Life is indeed a dance in every waking moment. beautiful piece Annell.

brudberg said...

The dance of life is great to think of as the soul of our lives-

Amaya Engleking said...

A flamenco dance, at that. Nice!

Frank Hubeny said...

I liked the dancing at the end with each other's truth.

Mark Walters said...

I can feel the whirring dancing wildly, the guitars and the rhythmic beating of heels on the dance floor

Grace said...

Would be hard to look into the eye and lie ~ Love the beat of the music there ~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Very beautiful - that glance between two souls.

Toni Spencer said...

I like the dance between truths, the tango as it it were.Give and take, promenade, kick and swirl. A truly lovely piece this is.

Truedessa said...

Life is but a dance and we have the ability to set the tempo and change the steps.

Brendan MacOdrum said...

Maybe the soul is like god, the spectral reflection of ourselves in the mirror. Our only true one, the truth of our heart, enrapt with its reflection in the water. Narcissus unbound. Well done -

Mary Hood said...

Surely the soul holds the steps. We long to be in sync and rhythm. Love this poem!

Kate Mia said...

God Sheds
Tears Numb
Dance Not DoNE iS
God no LoNGeR fELt
TeaRs oF JoY DancESinG..:)

Toni Spencer said...

On a third reading, the impact of the last stanza really hit. Beautiful in and of itself.

Sara McNulty said...

'Life is a dance' indeed. So, what are we looking for? Well said, Annell.

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