Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Death of the Old Tree/The Sunday Whirl Wordle #342 -- Poets United

The Death of the Old Tree

In the past
Years back
I remember
A stormy night
The large oak tree
Closest to the house
Fell onto the roof

After the loud thud
All was silent
The power out
This was before cell phones
The landline out
No lights, no ac
I sat on the stair in the center of the house
And wondered what was happening outside
The wind sounded like a freight train

It is always hard to lose a faithful old friend
A member of the backyard family
But the yard was opened to the sun
From that spot you could see stars
Never seen before
Stars the tree had kept in hiding
Perhaps the loss of that tree was a gift

There was no guilt
The old tree had lead a happy life
Squirrels in his branches
Shade beneath him
All things come to their proper end
Often that ending is a surprise
The tree’s remains were removed
From the yard in a respectful manner
He had lived a long life

A new garden followed his leaving
We drafted a plan
Planted bulbs to bloom in the spring
And to say good bye to the old tree

March 11, 2018


scotthastiepoet said...

Very once Annell, I especially liked the notion of the tree not having any guilt and the counterpoint of the fresh new bulbs planted in its place...

Old Egg said...

What a delightful read Annell. Luckily tree disasters in the neighborhood never impacted on us...just the usual, sewer blockages, water pipe bursts, and of course wasps making visit to build their nest and ants and termites thinking how good it was live inside the house with us! As it was Australia we forgave the possums in the roof, and the rats wanting to live with the chickens as they liked to steal the eggs!

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