Sunday, December 2, 2018

In Love, With Deep Colors/the sunday whirl -- Poets United poets pantry

Intersections  4/13  10"x10"  Flashe

In Love, With Deep Colors
At first, I didn’t notice the chill
The fire burned in the fireplace
The flames twisting around the logs
Filled the room with the warmth

Of wishes fulfilled
It is that time again
Frost covers the trees
The time of magic is upon us

I find myself slipping
Into that “in-between time”
One year ending
The next about to begin

There is a certain shock
That is the ending of this year
And yet, I feel I hardly know you
Still, these are the final days

There is a certain dread
Of the coming year
Will it be a time
Of mending old wounds

New ideas
New ways of doing things
Will new people fill the empty chairs
Will there be a new lift in my step

Will I be more flexible
Or will I see the world
Through a glass darkly
...I do love the deep colors

December 2, 2018
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Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the deep colours, too. Your piece "Intersections" is very cool. I used to love fires in the wood stove. Sigh.

brudberg said...

A world lacking color is hard to live in... that's what's hard with winter when it's grey.

Vicki said...

I love the deep colors also, lovely poem.

Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

I love your description of this time of was spot on as a world lacking in color and dread, of not knowing what is to come.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for your visit and comment. You are a good friend. I also love the deeper colors and the language they use of things beneath the surface. They speak of strength, support with a backbone, and the depths that must be reached if change is ever to occur. You are a wonder of the deepest hue,


Vivian Zems said...

I love the way you pose these questions of uncertainty for the new year. I think we all feel the same. well penned!

Mary said...

So many things to contemplate as we end one year and go into the next year. We dread it, yet welcome it.

Sumana Roy said...

That feeling of 'certain shock' and 'certain dread' about year ending and a new year is so true. Love this weaving of 'time' and 'color' together.

annell4 said...

Thanks for the kind comment, Elizabeth.

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