Friday, November 10, 2017

2017 November Capbook Challenge Writer's Digest/The Journey to Somewhere

The Journey to Somewhere

the fool begins his journey       destination unknown                red sky in morning                 

sailors warning                         this morning’s sky red              the world tinted pink
as if colored by children           out of the lines                        a free exploration        

over time                                 the journey                               includes camels & horses


cars, planes, & trains                &… the spice trade                  the desert stretches                  

in all directions             compass securely in my pocket             i am prepared  

mountains rise                          like far pavilions                      frank waters                            

writes in his book               at the turn of the century                people came to the west


aboard the train                        they saw pike’s peak                 judged it to be close                

they thought they could            walk there                                before lunch

distance in the desert                can deceive                              as the sun rises

temperatures rise                      people get lost                         people die in the desert

November 10, 2017



1 comment:

Sherry Marr said...

This paints such a beautiful scene. I especially love the mountains rising like far pavilions...........the colorful sky and the camels and horses.

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