Monday, November 13, 2017

dVerse/ Owl Silently Hunts -- 2017 November Chapbook Challenge:Day 13 Writer's Digest/ Taos, New Mexico/Known for Pretty Girls


Owls Silently Hunts

Here is an important fact about the owl.  Children who have never seen one, can draw them. Perhaps they have heard stories that have owls as characters in the story..  It is a knowing, maybe a “soul” knowing, that only children have.  It is lost by the time we are nine years old.

Still there are some of us who follow owl.  His wisdom known far and wide. 

The wise one avoids crowds
Keeps his own counsel
Silently hunts on cold night air 


Taos, New Mexico/Known for Pretty Girls

i am not sure taos                  would fit your requirement                taos either loves you

or you leave screaming          taosi is not a city                                just a small town

in the mountains                    of northern new mexico                     from high on the mesa

i look down on taos                sitting at the bottom of the valley     at night the lights sparkle     

many have written about taos           it was a place                         of pretty girls

mountain men came to taos              tknown for mysteries             sly realtors

a good brew                            music and dancing                           the taos pueblo

is between                              town and taos mountain                    mexican sheep herders

settled in taos                         sheep grazed on the fields of grass   such a pretty town

buildings of adobe                a cowboy or two                              your eyes will not believe

the air is fresh                        the water sweet                                 taos has a long

 and diverse history                many stories to tell                            i will meet you there

November 13, 2017


brudberg said...

I do love the thoughts that children can draw owls without ever seeing them... it does make owl sense to me.

Victoria said...

I already commented on your haibun which I enjoyed immensely. Just have to say a visit to Taos is on my bucket list.

Victoria said...

Comment is on dVerse.

Kim Russell said...

I love the thought that children who have never seen an owl can draw them, and amazed that “soul” knowing is lost by the time we are nine years old. I would hope that it might last longer.

X said...

It is interesting how children know how to draw an owl. Maybe it is an easier shape, or...

Your owl is wise, avoiding crowds. A wisdom I am late in learning. Though prowling the night has become increasingly harder with age.

Frank Hubeny said...

I like the idea of soul knowing.

Vivian Zems said...

Very interesting notion about children painting owls at such young ages. You reflected the owl's wisdom in your haiku. Enjoyed this.

Grace said...

Interesting notion of the young children painting owls ~ Such fascinating creature, filled with wisdom ~


I love that haiku. And I will definitely meet you in Taos.

I adore cutesy poo cartoonish owl art, you've just reminded me. I never have painted one myself, but I've intended to.

Sherry Marr said...

I love your owl poem.......and the description of Taos, which I know I would love, especially hearing music coming from the pueblos..........sigh.

Anonymous said...

The owl poem is beautifully mystical!

Sabio Lantz said...

Interesting, I will have to ask a child to draw one for me to test this.

Sumana Roy said...

Innocence is soul knowing. Alas we lose it as we grow. Love the haiku. said...

I never knew this about children. Very interesting! :)

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