Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 14 / A Day in the Life of a Painter

A Day In the Life of a Painter

each morning              as the sun rises in the east                slowly slides above the mountain

contradicting the idea of gravity        floats above the world           lights the way

i enter the studio                    slip into my chair                   before the computer’s glow  

i begin the day                        gathering words                     organizing random thoughts 

i pick up yesterday’s thread    and i follow                            with this preparation             

i am ready                               to take my place before the easel     pathways open          

color takes on new meanings   i dip my brush into the paint           applying paint carefully

at first i am self-conscious     aware of each stroke              of my inadequacies

i attempt                                 to paint a straight line            impossible

make corrections                    begin again                             slowly i pick up speed            

forget who is painting            who is thinking                       who is seeing

horizons open                         i become everyone                 whoever painted

everyone who ever struggled to express themselves           i create soul patterns with paint

i hardly notice                         ideas come and go                sometimes I recognize them

as the ones i have been looking for   like puzzle pieces       they slip into place                

i put them carefully into my pocket   to be used later          i am happy                 

life is good                              i pack each day                       like a picnic basket                

full to overflowing                  i return to the easel    knowing my work is important         

then forget it                          i live                                        and i paint  

November 14, 2017                                                                



Sherry Marr said...

A wonderful life, well described. It must feel wonderful to lose oneself in the painting. I admire those who paint. I have no artistic ability, but envy those who do.

Toni Spencer said...

I live and I paint....so true. I lose myself in my cooking and writing so I can relate. the week after my mother died, I baked so much stuff that I gave away...But what a beautiful way to express your feelings.

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