Friday, November 3, 2017

Fragments Geometry and Change/ 2017 PAD Challenge Writers Digest Poetics Ascide --- dVerse Open Link Night.

Fragments Geometry and Change

yes my paintings                       are based on the shape of the triangle              one triangle shape

next to the other                       repeated over and over                        creating new patterns

by the constantly changing color           as the world is constantly changing       we are changing

our one constant is change       each side of the triangle                        equal or not                

one of the oldest symbols of women    the use of the triangle               allows color                

to overlap or interpenetrate      blur spatial distinctions                         patterns appear

disappear and reappear            shapes seem to both emerge                 and submerge

the surface of the painting becomes      like a field of vision                 called colorfield

each day i dive deep                 into the work                                       a form of active meditation

the artist that stands before the easel     is not always present                 i travel far and wide

November 3, 2017



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall II

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Asking the mirror who is the fairest
Mirror, mirror who am i…
Am I someone else

Young not old
Who has walked through fire
Livings days
Tied in a bow

The mirror gestures
You are who you are
Do you think you can step out of you
All the others have been taken




Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love that, standing at your easel, "I travel far and wide." I do, too, in front of this computer screen.....I like your second absracted poem, as well.

Frank Hubeny said...

Traveling far and wide may be present in other ways.

Grace said...

I like this moment of reflection: You are who you are~

Thotpurge said...

the artist that stands before the easel is not always present .... this is a powerful poem..the triangles representing women ...really loved the poem.

Kweli Nzito said...

Potent message on the futility of that final escape --- from self. How true!

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