Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Poets United Midweek Motif/The Silence After

The Silence After

the air horn screams                 bombs explode                         all is silent

tires screech                             bam                                         a misty morning                       

a clear afternoon                      someone runs a red light          the motorcycle hit

we remember                           for parties he always made       tiramisu

cars slam together                     a crash                                     twisted steel

more cars join in                      a pile up                                   many hurt or died

on the golf course                    a round of nine                                    lightening strikes

the whine of the ambulance     racing to the scene                    taking corners on two wheels

medics shout for help               the links are silent        the respirator breathes in and out         

turned off                                nothing to be said                     the house is full                        

friends and family                    in the silence after        the horror of what has occurred           

is real at last                             no you can’t call a friend          the music is up to you

November 8, 2017                              




x said...

Oy. Yes. That moment immediately after a wreck. It is so silent and like everyone is holding their breath.

I have been involved in too many wrecks. Mostly as a first responder. There even comes the silence later as we arr remembering what could have happened or did.

Sherry Marr said...

The silence after often lasts a very long time in the hearts of those who are left....................vividly captured, my friend.

Susan said...

Howl! I'd howl into those silences, but maybe in time, the music would flow. My new favorite!

Marja said...

Wow powerful poignant piece with the silences in between and the big silence after. Love the "no you can’t call a friend the music is up to you"

Sumana Roy said...

This is deafening, soul torturing silence: the silence after. But we're responsible for it sometimes. Brilliant!

Old Egg said...

How graphic this piece is Annell. Having lived through WW2 as a child in Britain I quite understand the fear and panic of situations over which you have no control and when silence can be both good and bad.

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